Looking for advice - pico lipo

Hi all, first post so be kind!

Looking for some advice.

I’m building a motorised camera skater dolly around a Pico controlled by a BT06 bluetooth module and a tiny 3v motor. All working fine using a power bank and powering the BT06 (which needs a 5v VCC, although the logic is 3v3) and motor off Vbus. Saw the Pico Lipo and thought it would be a neater and lighter weight solution using a Lipo battery. Obviously I should have thought about this more rationally, but of course I can’t get 5V off Vbus without the microUSB being powered. Moral is always think properly before hitting the buy button!

I think the solution is to go back to a standard Pico and use a powerboost 500 charger and Lipo to power via the USB. But I wondered if anyone had a suggestion for utilising the Pico Lipo to achieve the same end? Thanks for any advice!