LiPo battery - risk of fire?


I spent a good part of yesterday trying to wire up a Pigrrl with Raspberry Pi. The project’s here if you’re not familiar with it.

I couldn’t get it working (but possibly a software issue). I ended up pulling out soldered wires/resoldered wiring etc - so needless to say the soldering isn’t very good! I’m away from home for the next 3 weeks, and have left the whole circuit still connected to a 2000mAh LiPo battery pack ( There’s a switch to the circuit and this is off. I’ve left the circuit in a toolbox, there’s a pitft display, in the circuit, a raspberry Pi, and there’s a powerboost1000c in the circuit as well, as well as an amp, gamepad pub and small speaker.

Is there a chance that if the circuit came on for any reason (ie if the soldering to the switch fails and the circuit becomes constantly on), there’s any chance of the battery catching fire? I would think that if this happened the battery would just wear down, but it’s the dodgy soldering and connections which are worrying me. My partner is in the house so I could ask her to disconnect it, but would rather not bother her with it if I have nothing to worry about. The circuit is definitely off at the moment, just have a bit of paranoia kicking in at the moment. The LiPo Battery has protection circuitry, which I hope would prevent any risk of danger here?



LiPo’s have a built in protection circuit. So you’ll be ok. You really have to try hard to make them go wrong. I’ve tried a few times and failed.