PiGlow - Bad Trace?


I got a PiGlow in early September but I didn’t use it too much until just recently. It started to flicker randomly and just go out while it’s lit.

Sometimes wiggling it can get it going again. Sometimes pressing it down a little will. Sometimes I can breathe some warm breath on it and that will get it lit again but none of these things keep it lit for more than a few seconds.

I’ve checked it on two Raspberry Pi B’s and it behaves the same on both.

Visually inspecting the piece with a magnifying lens, I found what looks like a bad or “patched over” trace on the bottom near the connector. I’m wondering if this can be the problem and what can be done about it.

I have a pretty good picture of it, but it looks like I’m not allowed to upload yet so I can’t attach it…


Hey Chad!

Can you drop that picture to support@pimoroni.com along with your original order number? We’ll take a look and sort out a replacement for you :-)

Hi Jon,

I’ve emailed support with the image. Thanks!