PiGlow loose LED


been sent here from modmypi support.
I’ve bought a PiGlow a couple of week ago, I’ve noticed that an orange led it’s not working, but after a better inspection I found that if I press the led onto the board it starts working, could it be a soldering problem? it’s something that can bel solved by a beginner in soldering?



Sounds like it could be badly attached.
If you get in touch with support, we’ll get you another sent out. :)



That’s very good to hear, but you’ll send me a replacement even if I have bought it on modmypi.com? (they sent me here to ask for support) in that case I’ll do it ASAP where do I can get in touch with support?
In the other case I’ll buy one another :P



Yeah if it’s not working as it should, we’ll send out a new one.
If you email us at support@pimoroni.com we’ll take it from there. :)