Unicorn HAT with missing corner LED


I got a Unicorn HAT, put it in a brand new RPi2, and fired it up with the demos.

Unfortunately, the LED on one of the corners is dead, and doesn’t work in any of the demo scripts. All the other LEDs work fine in terms of color, brightness, timing, etc… What a cold shower.

Did this happen to anyone already?


Sounds very much like it’s either dead, or has a loose connection. I’m guessing it’s the last LED in the chain, too. Which corner is it?

If you bung a message to our support email ( use the form at http://shop.pimoroni.com/pages/contact-us ) then we should be able to get you sorted out with a replacement.


I must say Pimoroni support was amazing. I dropped them a simple email, and a replacement was shipped even before me noticing the email. (Not to the correct address, but that’s a completely different problem)

Many thanks to the Pimoroni team; outstanding customer service!


Hi Gadgetoid,

I’m an IT engineer, not an Electronics one, so hardware is not exactly my strong point.

If you’re curious, i can post a video on the behaviour of the board.

Anything I should look for, on a closer inspection?