Dead led on Galactic Unicorn

I’ve got a dead pixel on a Galactic Unicorn that I got at the end of October. I’m not sure if it was there from the start or has failed over time as I’d bought 2 and can’t recall having checked both at the time, only 1 has been used infrequently (first time turning it on this year).

I’ve just checked with one of the built in apps, is there anything else I can do to debug/possibly fix the problem?

Here’s a video, pixel impacted is the 2nd row from the bottom, 3rd column from the right.

When I say dead I mean one of the RGB channels seems broken sorry.

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Video doesn’t play for me. All I get is “your video will be ready soon” and an endless blue ring cycling.

Weird not sure why that wouldn’t play, I’ve popped it on YouTube for the moment instead.

Video is working now. Yeah looks like one LED has one color not working. I had a Unicorn Hat HD that did that. One RGB LED would not light up RED. I caught mine early, within the 30 day period and got a free replacement.

Drop a message with a link to the video or this thread and they should be able to help :)

Just to add to the thread, ive also got one where a pixel has died, out of the 30 days period - one of my pixels only displays red…


Drop an email to anyway and we’ll do our best to help :)

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