Unicorn Hat HD - Pi Zero W - Dead (grn) Pixel


I have a brand new Unicorn Hat HD (purchased from Adafruit). I wrote a binary clock program for it, and it all works fine, except a single “dead” pixel in the middle of the array. I put “dead” in quotes, because it actually works if the colors are set to blue or red, but not green. The binary clock uses green for ‘1’ and red for ‘0’. I could swap colors, but would rather not. And I’d rather see if this is a code problem or a hardware issue.

Any suggestions on remedy would be most appreciated before I contact Adafruit for a return. The code I’m using is here on GitHub. The loop is pretty simple, so I cannot see how it would skip a pixel…and testing with solid colors across the matrix still shows the green turned off for that one pixel.


I think its dead Jim. Sorry couldn’t resist. If you’ve ever watched the original Star Trek you’ll get it. ;)
Sounds like a dead pixel to me. If it was an error in your code, it would light up when you set them all to one solid color. I’d contact Adafruit before your return period expires.

I’m a Doctor, not a miracle worker! ;)

Thanks. Figured as much. Just checking.

Adafruit is pretty good with returns / replacements. I had an Si1145 breakout board that was not working as it should. After posting my issue on their forum, and determining it was broken, they sent me a new one no charge. And no having to mail the broken one back to them.