Returning faulty Pi


i have a B+ pibow starter kit and on saturday (9th Nov) it stopped working. :(

i have checked the memory card and attempted to boot the pi with various different power sources (USB on a laptop and desktop machine, the mains supply supplied with the starter kit and one from an older B model) when attempting to boot the ‘pwr’ and ‘act’ LEDs both illuminate but dimly and stay illuminated. i have managed once or twice to get it to display the ‘rainbow’ splash screen but it doesnt get as far as displaying the RPi logo with ‘hold shift’ screen.

emailed through the contact form on monday 10th, still waiting for a reply. do i just ship it back or ship it back with a note or use it as a coaster?


Ahoy! Sorry, your support request was assigned to me and I haven’t responded yet!

I’d say it sounds more like a problem with the memory card than the Pi ( once a Pi works it’s extremely rare that it’ll subsequently go wrong, although not impossible ). Have you tried backing up your data and re-imaging, or using a different memory card?

If all else fails, I’ll see about getting a replacement sent out. I’ll email you for your particulars!

Sorry for the tardy response!


thanks phil… email sent