LiPo switch + case


Would love to see an extension to the Pimoroni LiPo (have it but procrastinating with the install since I need to choose the right battery) so that it becomes my “go-to” solution with RPi0 + camera on the road. My wish list consists of:

  1. Pimoroni “NEW and EXTENDED” LiPo solution with:
    a. modular switch and
    b. battery case that can attached to the official RPi0 case

Having “dabbled” with RPi0+OpenCV examples I would like to start using these on the road without resorting to crude or amateur efforts on my part. Right now I have the SmartUPS solution for the road. It does the shutdown gracefully but relies on four AA batteries. I am assuming that the right (guidance needed) battery can give me slighter longer life on the road with the Pimoroni LiPo extension.