LTR 559 remote

Has anyone found a way of mounting this breakout outside and in a weather proof way?
Currently I have it in 3 way breakout garden and I was thinking of soldering 5 leads from the LTR to the garden so it could be positioned under a transparent dome on the top of my Stevenson screen (yet to be built !)

I have one I plan on mounting to the top of a weatherproof enclosure. So far all I have done is test it to make sure it worked as advertised.
My plan is to cut some frosted diffusers to make a surround for it. 2 or 3 stacked on top of each other with a square cutout in the center for the breakout. Then on top of that I’m going to mount some clear fused quartz glass. I’ll likely use silicon to hold the glass down and make everything water proof.
I plan on having the UV light sensor breakout right beside it. Most plastics and glass block UV light. Fused quartz glass doesn’t and is about as clear as it gets. It’s the stuff used for Microscope slides that doctors etc use. I bummed a couple of pieces from my veterinarian friend.

Seems you are on a similar path !
What will you use for the wiring connection, individual ribbon connectors for the breakouts don’t seem to be available? I have even thought of trying to make some!

I will solder a straight male header to the breakout. That header will extend down through a slot dut into my case. Then I’ll use female jumpers to connect it to another male header. The second male header will be a right angle header soldered to a Proto Hat. The connections to power, ground and i2c will happen on the Proto Hat. I’ll post a link to my current build when I get a chance.

My LRT 559 is going to be an upgrade to a current build. I want to replace the Si1145 that is in use with the LTR559 and a VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor. The Si1145 doesn’t actually measure UV light, it approximates it using ambient light levels and IR light levels. The VEML6075 doesn’t measure ambient light levels though so I need the LRT559 for that. I use the ambient light levels to adjust my display brightness. Full bright in high light conditions and dimmed in dark conditions.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq8_0VrdS3_H5xL_AA?e=fcbnFG

Wow, a lot more complex than my project.
Up to now I have been concentrating on software mods, starting with a PI Zero W and an Enviro+ board plus nophead’s code, I have changed to a ribbon connected LTR559 and BME280 but still using his code which I had to modify. This has given me his great graph routine and data saves.

More recently I was distracted into modding the code to send the data to my AdafruitIO dashboard.
But now it is time to sort the hardware, hence my question.
What would be ideal if a ribbon cable existed, solid at one end and a socket at the other !!

How long a cable do you need?
There is this, one extra wire that shouldn’t be a big deal.

or this if your going to solder the ends.

What I did was buy a pack of the different sized shells. The black plastic bits on the ends. I took the singles off and then used a 5 pin shell on each end to hold the wires in one bundle. It also keeps them in a specific order. Like that first link I posted, only the wires aren’t stuck to each other.

I think your first suggestion with pins soldered onto the breakout and perhaps push fit into the Garden and ribbon sockets might do it. I’ll add it to my next order.
Now I have to think about the ‘window’. As I am just measuring ambient I don’t think I have to worry about UV, I don’t have any quartz anyway! Perhaps the white plastic lid of a spray can would work.

What I used with the Si1145 was just the clear plastic cover for a Pi case. I think I bought it from Adafruit. I just cut it down to a smaller size and held it in place with silicon sealant. I have no idea if it blokes UV or not to be honest.