Making use of Explorer pHAT + project kit


I recently recevied my shiney new Pi Zero, Pibow, Explorer pHAT and accompanying Electronics Kit.

I’m very new to electronics, my questions may just be based on misunderstanding.

I’ve had a look at the online examples and tutorials provided by Pimoroni, on your website & Github page. It seems they are mainly geared up for it’s bigger brother, the larger sized Explorer HAT. Can you point me to any tutorials or examples for the pHAT?

I’ve tried to adapt some examples to work on my pHAT, but they seem to require a 3.3v supply (e.g. for the Piezo?). Is it possible to access a 3.3v supply once an Explorer pHAT has been fitted to a Zero?

Thanks in advance,

yes, you can access 3.3v from pin1,

but as noted there in most cases it’s advisable to use a voltage regulator to generate the required supply.

That said, I had a quick look and while not all suitable for the pHAT due to lack of cap touch none of the tutorials on our learning portal use 3.3v supply?

If I was to point you to the best one to get started with I’d say this one is the easiest to implement, though you willl need a few parts (found in the Explorer part kit):

Dear RogueM,

Many thanks for the info, much appreciated.

I’ve had a look at the tutorial you’ve linked to, using the temperature sensor, it looks fab. I know what I’m doing this afternoon!!!

With regard to 3.3v supply, thanks for the info re Pin 1. When I have the Explorer pHAT pushed on to my Pi Zero, it covers all the pins, including pin 1, should I just lift the pHAT a little and go underneath or can a 3.3v supply be accessed while the Explorer pHAT is fitted (I think I must be missing something here, thanks for your patience).

The item from the parts kit I thought needed 3.3v rather than 5v is the Piezo Transducer, can I use that with the Explorer pHAT 5v supply? (I’m still assuming here I can’t get to 3.3v with the pHAt fitted).


The Explorer pHAT is sort of an experimental board, so I always advise to use a stacking header with it, which allow you to access any GPIO, as seen here:

If you have already soldered the header, then you should still be able to solder a wire or component directly to the pins you require by remelting the relevant joint.

When it comes to the transducer I’m not sure, but I think it’s a matter of choosing your current-limiting resistor according to the nature of the supply… I can’t see why you’d be required to use 3v3.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes to all at Pimoroni - great company/support/products/prices.


@RogueM is this what you’d suggest for the Explorer pHAT?

yes, exactly… very useful for the Explorer pHAT in particular.