Explorer pHat Questions

Hello everyone. I am working on a toy car project and i am bit tight with space, so i have few question about this board.

Can i power explorer pHat and pizero over 5V pins on explorer phat without burning it?

Do i need to solder all 40 pins for hat to work. Or can i just solder 5V, ground, I2C and Hbridge pins that i need?

  1. Not sure you could power it through the board but you could the wires to the pins sticking out the top of the phat
  2. Yes definitely take a look at http://pinout.xyz/pinout/explorer_phat these are the pins needed!

I’m fairly sure the 5v points on Explorer pHAT are direct traces from the Pi 5V rail, so that should be OK to power your setup from there.

If you only need the motors and analog inputs to work, then you can just solder the 2x3 cluster of pins at both ends of the GPIO header, yes.

Thanks for info. I probably wont use headers at all. Simply no space for all that.