More details on Explorer pHAT and Tiny 4WD?



I am interested in the Explorer pHAT and the Tiny 4WD Robot Rover to build an autonomous car with some basic sound and lights. I know Raspi development, but haven’t worked with hats.

Explorer pHAT

  • Four buffered 5V tolerant inputs (perfect for Arduino compatibility)
  • Four powered 5V outputs (up to 500mA total across all four channels)
  • Four analog inputs
  • Two H-bridge motor drivers (up to 200mA per channel; soft PWM control)

Basic questions:

  1. Can I stack Raspi hats and add another like Unicorn pHAT?
  2. Can I drive a basic buzzer or speaker with Explorer pHAT?
  3. Are motors paired with Tiny 4WD as there are just 2 motor drivers?



1: most certainly if you solder a stacking header onto the explorerphat and check there are no pin conflicts on

2: To my knowledge not really ; you may be better off with something like speaker phat with a triple phat stack

4: yep the two motors on each side are paired together and driven from one motor output