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Hi All

I have just received a Flotilla mega set for Christmas and have just gotten around to having a play with it. Firstly I am impressed with how easy it is to setup and get working, well done to Pimoroni on that. The hard wear is beautiful well packaged and very easy to use and excellent set all around.

I have a few questions:
Is it possible in Rockpool to have scrolling text on the matrix? I wanted to use the colour module and matrix and have the colour name scroll across the screen but could not find a way to do this.

A common theme on the forums seems to be the temperature readout on Number I could not get this working even in the -edge version of rockpool, it just displayed 0000, not the actual temperature.

I also wanted to see if I could move a single light around on the matrix using the joystick in Rockpool but could not figure out how to do this. Is it a limitation of rockpool?



I’ve now fixed this in Rockpool Edge.

For your Joystick and Matrix project, you can create two rules in Edge. One for Joystick X and one for Joystick Y, then map these to Plot X and Ploy Y on the Matrix.

Rockpool is, intentionally, very limited so you may find you’ll have to delve into Python to do some of the things you want. We’re investigating ways to make this transition easier for people who aren’t familiar with Python.

The flow is very much “Rockpool” → “???” → Python, at the moment. We originally intended for Scratch to fill that middle step, but Scratch really didn’t lend itself well to the “plug and play” nature of Flotilla.

Your feedback is appreciated. Right now we’re beginning our official “Month Of Flotilla,” so it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Excellent I shall have a go with numbers and weather module tonight and see what happens.

I have some Python experience so was planning on delving into the Python API as well, but as you said it would be great to have a middle ground.

Good luck with the Month of Flotilla quest it sound like it should be very productive. Roll on Feb so we can all see what you are up to.

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Sorry to say but temperature and number are still not working for me.

Are you using the online rockpool edge, or the offline installed version? You should try:

Hi, I clicked on that link you just gave me and sorry to say does not work. Also the add rule button is not working for me either. It seems the edge version is not functioning for me strangely.

Ok figured out the problem it does not like safari on ipad

begin blatant plug of my own work

I was also looking for a middle ground in order to teach kids using Flotilla. I wrote a library for python which allows basic use of all the modules. If you want to have a play, it’s here:

It seemed to work well enough when I was using it with the kids, but admittedly that was the basic end of stuff so if you get any problems then just submit a github issue or let me know here and I’ll try and fix it.

end blatant plug of own work

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Good job with the library it looks great!

Thanks, archieroques, I had found your library as well and am fully intending to test it out as well. Just a matter of getting around to it. Will try to remember to post something when I do.

Hi archieroques

Sorry I have tried but I have not managed to install the library, could you help.


Sorry for the delay in replying.

You don’t have to actually install the flotilla-easy library - basically because I haven’t got round to setting it up as an installable library yet.

To get it running, first run the curl -sS | bash to install the flotilla and all its gubbins. Then go to my github repo , click ‘clone or download’ and then ‘download zip’ from the menu that appears. You should then have a zipped file with all the necessarys in it downloaded. Unzip that, and there’s the readme and license, which you don’t need, but crucially the your_flotilla_project folder. Just wack that folder somewhere useful (ie desktop or documents), and save your program in it. Then run the program and all should be happy.

If you have any more probs let me know here or on github!