Matrix Brightness - no effect?


In the spirit of stress testing - the matrix is working very well via Rockpool, but the brightness control doesn’t have any effect. What should I be looking for?


Good spot. I can find two bugs with the Matrix- one in the firmware, which doesn’t observe the number of arguments its given leading to potentially undefined behaviour and all sorts of fun, and one in Rockpool which totally ignores the brightness you tell it to use, and just uses a fixed one


This is a remnant from when we were testing just how bright we could drive the Matrix display without it eating the equivalent of the local power station. And a fine example of just how useless a “mental note” is when you’re busy!


I honestly don’t understand half ot this; especially the reference to arguments. But if there’s a bug in the firmware how would that get fixed for Flotilla users?


there will be a simple firmware update procedure to perform when the next major version of Flotilla is unleashed… updating the firmware alone right now would create much more problems than it resolves.

Edit: unless @gadgetoid decides to do an interim firmware update of course.


OK that’s great to know, thanks RogueM!


No interim firmware update planned. But brightness could very easily be supported in Rockpool with an interim update to Rockpool- it’s a very simple fix.

In programming arguments are generally the things- numbers, words, objects- that you pass into a function for it to work with.

So if I wanted a function that prints out numbers, I might write it like so:

def print_number(my_number):

And then pass an argument into it when calling, like so:

>>> 99

The bug in the firmware is actually minor in this case, but there are a dozen other bigger, nastier bugs that have been fixed for the ShipShape release. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy as pie to update!


Excellent thank you! Loving the forum advice, help and knowledge that is being shared because of Flotilla.