Maximizing pHAT Speaker Sound Quality

I am placing a Speaker pHAT/Raspberry Pi Zero in a 70mm X130mm X 45mm deep plastic enclosure (with grille cloth cutout for the speaker). The standoffs will position the front face of the pHAT board ~ 3-4mm from the grill cloth). For best sound quality, which is best:

  1. Sound-absorbing material (e.g. foam) at back of enclosure (i.e. behind underside of RPi0)?
  2. Nothing at back of enclosure?
  3. Other? _____________________________________________________________

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I’m no expert but I would go with a rigid case with a vent hole in the case behind the speaker. It should let more bass through.

BTW, have you seen this?

they are a decent set of speakers ,I’m using them in my setup …,but i have to admit i don’t use it much ,so i cant brag about longevity