How to use "Speaker - PCB Mount" instead of Piezzo

I just purchased this speaker.
Description says: This through-hole speaker is great for projects where you need something that sounds better than a piezo buzzer but don’t have room for a full-blown speaker. This 30mm diameter speaker is encased in plastic and will handle about 100mW of power.

Q: Is this an Active Speaker, Passive Speaker, or basically a Piezzo?
If I already have a Piezzo working, do I just use this in its place?

If I just have a vanilla Pi3 or Zero, can I use this without any additional hardware (DACs, amps, etc.)?


You do need to connect it to an AMP of some description.

For combining with a Pi, you could for example connect it to the pHAT BEAT although an all-in-one solution like the Speaker pHAT will be both more conmpact, better value and overall more appropriate IMO.