Speaker for beep

does anyone know of a small speaker i can use with a pi zero w?

i want to use the picam to read barcodes and a confirmation ‘beep’ but needs to be small. i’ thought of a piezo buzzer, but i want a beep sound like a normal barcode scanner at tesco :-)


Seeing as the Pi Zero doesn’t have an analog audio out, a piezo buzzer might be the way to go. Just send a quick momentary pulse to it.

ah ok. i thought there may have been something that could do the same as the buzzer but emit a high pitched beep instead.

I’ll get one bought and see how i get on

thanks for the input. :-)

ive just seen this whilst looking for the buzzer… would this give me a beeping sound or would i still need an audio out?

mini speaker pc mount

Could be a job for Speaker pHAT?! With Speaker pHAT you could use an actual wav file of a supermarket beep as well. :-)

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Never thought of that. Could be a lot easier than making up your own circuit on Perf board too. The VU Meter would also give you a visual indication along side the beep.

it does seam pretty cool. i will have to see what space i have as the depth may be a bit too much for the application. but with some jiggery pokery i’m sure it will fit :-)