Pirate Radio kit


As I already have the Pi Zero W, could I buy the said kit without the Pi Zero?



I don’t think that’s an option. You could do what I did and just buy the pHat Beat. Then make your own case.

Or just buy the kit and play around with your spare Pi Zero W. I’ve been adding one to all my orders just to have some for tinkering with. The price is right. I have 5 now, with 2 of them in use in dedicated projects.


Ok thanks for that, and I’ll get the kit then. One thing I found with the pi zero is that the wifi is not that good. I tried it it musicbox and it struggled a bit to keep up with the tracks that were being played or selected.


No complaints here, WIFI wise. I have one Zero setup as a Pirate Radio. Granted, if there was a delay I’d never notice, its headless with no monitor. I did find browsing the Internet on a Zero painfully slow though. That’s more to do with the single core SOC though. I have two 3B’s here, same WIFI Bluetooth chip as the Zero. I take one out on my deck in the summer. Downloading GitHub packages seems fast enough.


I should have said that when the Zero was downstairs and my router is upstairs, it did play a track but when that track finished there was a delay or drop out with the next track.

I have a pi 3b with a usb wifi dongle which in the same situation plays tracks continuously, but I have Rune Audio on another sdcard for that. Oh, and both were or are headless when playing music tracks.


You can never have too many RasPi Zeros! ( THINK I’ve got 9) ;-)


Only 9!
I’ll got for the pHat beat then.


Just ordered the pHat Beat.


I have 9 Pi’s total. Two 3B’s, two A+'s, and 5 Zero W’s. All but a couple of the Zero W’s are in use in dedicated projects. Some are still a work in progress, until I get a few more parts.
My various build pictures are here if anybody wants to have a look.