Kickstarter PiCade speaker issues


I got a PiCade in the Kickstarter a few years ago and assembled it when i got it, then but i never started it, or put in a raspberry pi.

Just took it out and installed a pi with retropi and started it, almost everything but not the speakers, as soon as the picade pcb gets power they start to “buzz” quite loud. I have checked the wiring but it seems ok, anyone have any idea what could be wrong?


I’m not sure how to link to another post so I’ve copied the text below.



SpacemonkeyAug '151

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

then add:-


I have tried that, but the problem is that the buzzing begins as soon as power is applied to the pcb even if it isnt connected to the pi, ill take some video tomorrow to show.

Could it be an issue with the power supply? Have you tried a different supply?