Buzzing sound from Picade Console

Yesterday I received my Picade Console kit, installed it and put it to the test. I love everything about it. Well, almost everything. There is an annoying buzzing coming from the speaker. I’ve searched the forums for some solutions like disabling audio dither, playing with the Alsamixer volume and checking no wiring is directly above the corner of the Picade PCB, but nothing seems to work.

I have found out it doesn’t matter whether I install the speaker to the left or right speaker outputs and the problem also occurs without the 3.5mm jack inserted into the Picade PCB.

Here is a picture of the PCB with the speaker connections:

I really hope someone has a solution for this, because other than this I really love this product.

After trying a different power cable and adding the max_usb_current=1 line to /boot/config.txt the problem has significantly decreased. It’s still noticable when the volume is high up, but I rarely play with the volume this high anyway. :)

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Thanks for posting a follow-up, and sorry we didn’t get 'round to responding. It’s been a busy few days.

The audio output direct from the Pi leaves much to be desired, unfortunately, I think a few of our users opt to use a DAC or possibly a USB audio device instead.