Meteor Cam


So this is the Meteor Cam which is a Pi B with Raspbian and Meteotux_pi

It’s a NoIR camera with the lens removed and an M12 threaded lens adapter bolted to the camera board. A 21mm distance between the posts matches the holes on the board exactly. You just have to dremel a small piece out of the adapter so the camera cable can git underneath. The lens is a 2.6-6mm f/1.6 CCTV lens with focus control and no IR filter so it should be good for getting shots of meteors streaking overhead.

Going to bolt the GPS module into here as well, maybe build another one and do some triangulation stuff later :smile:


Nice! :-) Make sure you share some of the results when you get them!


This looks like a great project…

Will you have this Pi on a movable stand to move with the stars ?