Mic Sensitivity on ADP009 I/O Dongle

What is the sensitivity of the analogue microphone input on the ADP009 I/O dongle? Presumably the dongle contains an ADC so what input voltage (peak) will result in full scale on the converter? It would also be useful to know the (audio) input impedance of the mic input, please.

I think you’ll likely have to ask the manufacturer that question, I think Pimoroni is just a reseller?

Hi, thanks for the reply but mic sensitivity is such a fundamental parameter that it seems to me a bit like saying Curry’s can’t tell you the screen size of a TV they sell.

Someone like @jon might have a data sheet tucked away for it?

Thanks for the steer, monglet.
I see that you are part of the Pimoroni crew, Jon, so if you see this and can help me, please get in touch.

I have had a bit more of a search for details about this device. Adafruit in the US sell a device that looks remarkably similar and uses a family of chips from C-Media Electronics INC in Taiwan with part numbers CM 109 and CM 108. Data sheets for these devices can be downloaded from the net and, at least for the CM108, imply a peak microphone input level of 2.88V. From information on the Adafruit site, I think the device I have (ADP009) might be use the CM108. Can anyone verify if this is the case ?