Micro SD on Bluno Beetle

I have the Adafruit 1.27 inch OLED screen (SSD 1351) and was wondering if there is a way to utilise the micro SD holder on the Bluno Beetle as it doesn’t have all the 10,11,12 and 13 pins I have to use on the Arduino UNO. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

there are definitely enough pins on the Bleetle, but you’ll have to use software SPI, if that is the reason behind the question.

alternatively you have access to the ATmega328 ICSP from the underside, see here:

… this will make the coding side easier, but more importantly maximise throughput for the data, but will require soldering those anchor points, which may or may not be practical for your project.

Thanks for the info! Sorry for the late reply. I’ll probably solder it to the ICSP ports because I wont need to unplug it :)