Missing artwork for console

Hi everyone !
I’m assembling my brand new 8’’ Picade and I’m missing the Artwork for the console. It just didn’t came inside the package.
Where can I find it or someone from Pimoroni can send me a PDF with it so I can print it ? It’s just for the console.

Thank you !

There is a Contact Us link on the shop page for situations like this.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

Another option is to reply to the “Is everything all right with your order” e-mail, if you still have it. ;)

Hi !
I know they have, but I tough that probably in the forums was faster or someone would already had the same problem I’m having and could have a file with the artwork ! :)

Will contact them . Thanks

There are a few posts with custom artwork, you’ll have to do a search to find them. I’m pretty sure some of it was shared and linked too.