Newly Created PiCade Artwork

Hi all,

i’m new to these forums and thought i would announce my arrival with a gift for whoever wants it.

PiCade Artwork




Cute! A nice alternative direction from our standard print. :-)

thanks jon,

have also been working on a complete set,at the moment I’ve just sent them off to be printed.

this is based on the artwork i created for a bartop back in 2012 (running Hyperspin on a mini itx i3)
the complete artwork fits on an A2 sheet and costs £14.99 to print.

If it comes back from the printers ok, and the sizes are correct i’ll paste a link for the complete .psd file for others to use.


Any news on how this came back? I would be keen to get some sideart printed up to go with my cade-kong art designs, but haven’t yet seen a decent template for the sides.



the artwork still isn’t back yet, i resubmitted it as i made a couple of changes.

i can however give you a link to a template you can use.

the left and right sides are 5mm oversize (all around) i havent had time to make an accurate scan of the side pieces yet.

however the front, control panel and marquee, are all the correct size.

fix it felix photoshop file



Those look awesome - I’m doing one up based around Moonpatrol - will post up once completed

Wow these are awesome. Could someone do one like this and post a pdf? It would be cool to have those side panels like that.

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Love them - nice job! :)