Feeling Left out - Kickstarter PiCade Maxi owner


Hi all,

Are there any other PiCade Maxi owners out there (8 button unit - not sure of the screen size). I see lots of great artwork being posted, but it’s all for the retail unit :-(

It feels like I should have waited around for the retail version rather than backing the KS one.

How about giving us maxi owners some love??!



If some has a template of the control panel and marquee for the Maxi… I’m sure we can sort you out some suitable artwork.



I’ve asked @guru to dig out the vectors for this so people can have a play!


They were posted to backers of the Maxi around update #36. Here’s the link for everyone to have a play :-)

New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Thanks for the reminder! Any chance there’s an Illustrator/Indesign/whatever file available as well?


The PDF should open fine in illustrator, and you can crack out the vectors by removing the clipping masks. Slight annoyance, but very doable.

Not sure where the source file for that is, right this second :/


Duh, sorry about my laziness there. Yes, the PDF opens fine in Illustrator! Now for the real annoyance: actually using Adobe Illustrator. ;)