Picade Artwork

Does anyone have any requests for Artwork because I was going to knock up a few designs and host them for people to download.



A few for starters:
I like the original Pac-Man graphics
I have a soft spot for the original Dragons Lair, but don’t know why that would make sense on the Picade since I don’t have that running :-)
Obviously the original Star Wars cabinet has to be on my list, but again this doesn’t feel like a good fit given how well it works with a stick :-)

I think there would be a nice little side line for full cabinet graphics, side panel laminates, marquee, screen border and control panel.

Suggestions rather then requests, otherwise you will be working all hours :-)

Cool I’ll attempt to put something together.

Side panels may be cool cause you could them printed as stickers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-Colour-Custom-Printed-Self-Adhesive-Vinyl-Stickers-/330775288045?var=&hash=item4d03be58ed:m:m7XPfMCO_SsBa4weNiHeFrw

Outrun, DK, pacman all good :)

The Pacman looks great! Where can we download the actual size file?

I’d love to see DonkeyKong at some point too. Thanks!


Going to create a collection here. :)


Thanks for the uploads, I think I will print the NES one this weekend and give it a go.

Anyone recommend a good online printing service?

And what should the art work be printed on?


I’d just Ebay “A3 Printing” and have a look at what card stock they use, and get the thickest.
Let me know if you find one, and how it is!!

Will let you know how it turns out.

Cheers Graham

Feel free to host my CadeKong art if you want to… http://we.tl/lda1Sl2y2t

Added it. :)



Street fighter 2 and dragon’s lair would be great

Many Thanks Connor, I got your Pacman design printed by an Ebay vendor ‘swiftprintuk’ for £5.74 on A3, cut it out and fitted it to my picade - looks great, even if I do say so myself.

Here’s what it looks like in the wild!

Thanks for making it available.


Woahh! Really nice man! :D

I am planning to buy a Picade soon. Does anyone else have anymore art work they can donate of maybe I can purchase from them?

Connor could you do these by chance and host? If not then something similar.

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Well, if you´re still at it:Scramble was my favorite game back in the days. Would be nice to have an artwork for that.

Hi @ConnorPlant . Any chance you could send me the original quality pac man graphics.