Finally got around to sorting some custom artwork for my picade. First effort has actually come out really nice. Thanks for the templates guys. Sorry about poor pictures.


Looks awesome :)

Any chance of sharing that template? haha

Do you want the artwork file? You will just need to get it printed on a sheet of A2 (or A3+), but just to make sure I went with A2, so they didn’t mess it up.

Yes please. Appreciated.

Hey there, can you send me the artwork files as well, please? Many many thanks in advance!

Hi findon , your Donkey Kong artwork is beautiful. Would it be possible for me to have the file too if you’ve been sharing it. :)

Hi findon

I absolutely love your arcade artwork. Is there any chance I can get a copy of it.

What type of paper did you print it out on.

Thanks GC

Would it be possible to send me the cade-kong template, it’s a great job you have done there.

I’m building the Picade Console for my nephews and they are big Donkey Kong fans.

I you are willing to share your amazing artwork send me a message, please.



I’d love to get a copy of your files as well. Please let us know if we can download them.


This looks amazing! I’d love to print this out for my Picade if the artwork is available please.

So sorry for not replying to this… let me dig out the files now. Not sure I can attach PDFs here…

Try this! There should be an AI and a PDF file in a zip.

I had it printed on A2 on decent quality paper (as non-glossy as I could).

Let me know what you all end up with.


Thanks for sharing findon. I will get a copy printed onto A2 and on my picade as soon as I can.


I know it sounds stupid but you are a lifesaver.

Not a problem at all guys, consider it my christmas gift to you all! All I ask is a couple of pics with it being enjoyed, maybe with a ‘thanks findon, you’re the best’ sign in the background, perhaps with some glitter?

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No photo yet, but my nephews went crazy when they saw the Donkey Kong Minarcade (that’s what they call it). :)

Thanks again.

Sadly the link no longer works, is there any chance you could do another link or could someone else post it.


Here you go!

I would still love to see some pictures if anyone has completed this…

Brilliant, thanks for that