Mopidy-Spotify no longer supported on Spotify?!

My raspberry pi Spotify player that uses the pirate audio hat and Mopidy-Spotify no longer works today. It was working fine last week and there have been no changes on my end. Did Spotify stop supporting the Mopidy-Spotify pi platform?

Found this on Spotify. Any options on using the pimoroni pirate audio hat for the pi now?

Sunset of libspotify on May 16, 2022 | Spotify for Developers

It’s pretty rubbish (though not terribly surprising) that Spotify have pulled their old API without supplying a feature equivalent alternative, just after hiking up their prices too :(

Looks like the folks behind the mopidy-spotify plug-in are looking at workarounds - you might want to subscribe to this issue to keep any eye on progress? Replace libspotify / Streaming does not work - "Spotify login error: <ErrorType.USER_NEEDS_PREMIUM: 15>" · Issue #110 · mopidy/mopidy-spotify · GitHub

Switching to Tidal (and mopidy-tidal) as your streaming service could be an alternative in the meantime, or using your Pirate Audio to play local files instead?

It hasn’t broken my Pirate Radio, Internet Radio, VLC Radio setup. Just a FYI post.

My pirate internet radio works fine, it is my Spotify player which uses the pirate audio hat and Mopidy Spotify software which isn’t working. Spotify no longer supports libspotify which is what the Mopidy-Spotify music player uses with an API.

There’s a thread on the Spotify forums about the depreciation of libspotify here if anyone wants to add their thoughts: