Pimoroni selling Pirate Audio on the incorrect promise that it will work with Spotify

Pimoroni sells Pirate Audio hardware and actively represents that it is capable of streaming Spotify via the ‘Pirate Audio software’ which includes Mopidy.

However, Spotify enacted its long-planned deactivation of the API used by Mopidy some time ago and Spotify does not work at all with Mopidy.

I am posting here because I can see no other way to contact someone at Pimoroni about this. My questions are:

  1. Is anyone aware of a convenient way to get Spotify streaming working with Mopidy and/or Pirate Audio hardware?

  2. Why is Pimoroni continuing to promote an important feature to customers/users which simply doesn’t work?

I have spent a decent bit of time and money on several Pirate Audio devices specifically for this feature so I am somewhat frustrated that the feature simply doesn’t exist any more and, while it is in one sense Spotify’s fault, Pimoroni seems to have done nothing to update the way it presents the product or help users to figure out an alternative solution.

There is a link on the bottom of the Shop page that will let you Contact Tech Support via e-mail.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Doesn’t hurt to post here too.

It sucks that Spotify have discontinued access via their API. Lots of cool maker projects that have been affected by this :(

I believe there’s some work ongoing to get the mopidy-spotify plugin working again using alternative means - there’s a Github issue you can follow here for updates (and some discussion on the Mopidy forums that might be useful: Spotify login error: <ErrorType.USER_NEEDS_PREMIUM: 15> - Q&A - Mopidy Discourse ). Alternatively, I think there’s a working mopidy-tidal plug-in, if you’re willing to switch streaming services?

I’ve given our shop pages and tutorials some quick updates to hopefully better represent the current state of things. If you need to return/swap any Pirate Audio kit then the folks in support will be able to help you with that - please include a link to this thread.

Ok, guys, sorry for such stupid question: any plan on fixing this? Or is it impossible to do it?
Needless to say I’m asking this to purchase your pirate sound card.