Pirate Audio without mopidy?

I have the Pirate Audio pHat, and have worked out how to get it to display text and pictures, and how to use the audio side, without actually using the mopidy software. Mopidy is probably fine if it matches your project intentions, but that’s not what I want a display and speaker for - and I suspect there are lots of other people who’d be the same.

Can anyone tell me how I can load the drivers etc I need to use the screen and the speaker without installing the whole mopidy thing? I can, of course, just prevent mopidy from starting on boot - but I’m a little averse to having stuff on my system that I don’t want to use!

I guess I’m really looking for a list of libraries (ST7789, PIL, what else?) and help with config files. Presumably this has all been done to get mopidy working, so someone knows!

Have a look see here and the manual build your own instructions.

Thanks - that neraly got me there!

The instructions there miss out the need to enable SPI in raspi-config,but otherwise it all works!

Thats good to hear, the it all works part anyway. The one line installers turn that on for you, they must have missed that in the manual translation I guess. Anyway, now you get to have some fun taking it to the next step. Putting my own custom spin on something is one of the more rewarding aspects or tinkering with this type of tech. It’s not nailed down and locked into one roll in life.

What music app are you using?

I’m currently just using the sox package to play sounds. My aim isn’t specifically to use this to play music.

For where I got to (I’m gong to get back to it after Christmas!), see my script in this thread