Mote led strip

hi all
need some help with mote led strips are 16 pixels,
is possible to put long strips on as long as they are so
apa102 type

Mote pHAT or Mote USB? The latter has firmware that limits the number of pixels per channel, so you wont be able to drive much more than a single stick per channel. (if I remember correctly it may be a hard limit of 32 or 64 pixels per channel)

If you’re connecting longer strips, then Mote pHAT is probably more a hindrance than a help but it’s at least possible to edit the software to drive more pixels.

Bear in mind that more pixels need more power, and depending on how many you plan to use you may have to feed additional power into the strip somehow.

thanks for reply sorry not getting back my give the phat a go
only need 32 leds how do i edit for more leds i am new to this but willing to Give a go

See the mote.configure_channel lines here;

You’d need something like mote.configure_channel(1, 32, False)

Thank you for you help will order
Phat and give it go will let know if it works