MQTT Enviro Indoor - an exception occured

I have a set-up running that can upload to an influxdb via json. (v. 0.0.9)
Now I am playing with MQTT and my MQ is running/working but not possible to send files from Enviro to MQ.
I get an exception, as seen in the log. What should I try?
The port number I am using, (:1883) is not included in MQTT broker in should it be?
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [info / 99kB] - rtc synched
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [debug / 97kB] > 102 blocks free out of 212
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [debug / 95kB] > taking new reading
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [info / 90kB] - seconds since last reading: 419
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [debug / 122kB] > caching reading for upload
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [info / 116kB] > 5 cache file(s) need uploading
2022-12-18 10:38:30 [info / 114kB] > connecting to wifi network ‘network’
2022-12-18 10:38:31 [info / 111kB] - ip address:
2022-12-18 10:38:31 [info / 100kB] > uploading cached readings to MQTT broker:
2022-12-18 10:38:31 [debug / 95kB] - an exception occurred when uploading

There is an updated file after 0.0.9 that has extra logging enabled. I would try that so you can get a better look at what the issue is. Just replace the content of the existing /enviro/destinations/ with it on your Enviro Indoor.

Note that it defaults to port 1883 and does NOT need to be included in the

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Before I replaced the file, the files were successfully uploaded to MQTT Only change was that system was turned off for several hours.
I have replaced with suggested new version and it is still working.
Thanks for helping.

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