MSFS2020 GPS data on Galactic Unicorn

Hi, I just published a repo on Github. I ported a project I created before to the Galactic Unicorn.
It is a work-in-progress. The purpose of this project is to display airplane GPS data from Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 to the Galactic Unicorn LED matrix display… In this moment only the flown track will be displayed or one of the texts “AC PARKED” or “TAXYING” in case the airplane is stopped or parked or that it is taxying… See: MSFS2020 GPS data on Galatic Unicorn


Today the example in the repo is updated, Beside the airplane’s magnetic or true heading, now also can be displayed: position, groundspeed and altitude, using buttons A or B. I also added various images. See the folder ‘Docs’ (and below)

true track



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