Multiple "remote" enviro pHATs on a single Raspberry Pi



I am looking to collect environmental information in a greehouse, and would like to connect 4 enviro pHATs to the same Raspberry Pi. Is this possible:

  • run wire (e.g. CAT5 ethernet) from the Raspberry Pi to an Enviro pHAT ~20ft away
  • run wire to 4 different locations
  • connect all 4 Enviro pHATs to the single RPi.

Thank you!


Because Enviro pHAT uses fixed addresses for the I2C, you’d have clashes between the different Enviro pHATs. A better Enviro pHAT-based approach might be to use a single Enviro pHAT and connect 4 analog sensors up to its analog inputs?


Ah, that’s what the analog inputs are for! I suppose the python library makes it easy to grab those values as well?


It does indeed!

from envirophat import analog

analog_values = analog.read_all()