My PHATBEAT with VLC internet radio

I really like this hat ,I’m using a speaker form a Logetic computer surround ,will be adding the other speaker ,for the left and right effect …thanks for making such great ,fun hats, I have 3 sound device hats ,this one and the, Speaker PHAt ,and the PhatDac, the PhatDac is attached to my 1990’s Technics Amp and sounds great .thanks for reading ,

Great work! Those boards are a great way to give new life to old speakers and radios!

Nice job Jack. Making a case for mine is my next step. I also have an old not working anymore set of Logitech speakers that will be the donor for a case. I ordered some Pibow diffusers with my last order. I will more than likely have a piece left over that might cover your pHat Beat. I ordered 2 each of the frosted and ninja. My plan is to use the wooden sub woofer box part, and see what it sounds like with just the one speaker. Cut a hole for my pHat beat so I can see the VU meter and cover it with a piece of diffuser. I haven’t decided if I’ll mount buttons in the case or not. Now that I have my remote control working with it I don’t need them. If I do I’ll likely put them in the back out of site.