Naturewatch camera softwear

i have just got the my naturewatch gear for the respberry pi zero all set up and running with camera that it come and i got nightvision one has well but when i change over the nitght vision they is no live view from this camera on the softwear can someone help me on this and tell me how to try and fix the problem

Sorry to hear that! Have you tried swapping the cables and making sure everything’s connected properly at both ends? It might also be worth checking you’re using a power supply with sufficient ampage to power both the Pi and the camera, as those IR LEDs might draw more power than the standard camera.

If none of that helps you might have a faulty night vision camera - pop an email over to (with a link to this post and a photo of your setup if you can) and they should be able to sort you out with a replacement.


white or orange cable to nightvision camera to pi zero
this wot i mean

Night vision camera module for Raspberry Pi – 70°

You’ll need a cable like this one to connect a regular camera to a Pi Zero

The silver contact sides at the ends should be facing away from the camera connector locking bar.
At the camera end, with the camera pointing up at you, silver side of the cable is down.
Same deal at the Pi end. With the Pi Zero component side up, silver side of camera cable is down.

The cable between the camera and the Pi - if your standard camera came with another orange cable similar to the one that came with the night vision cam you could try swapping it to see if it’s the cable causing problems. If your standard camera is one of the Pi Zero ones with a built in cable ( ) you won’t be able to do that though!