Need pins to test for continuity after solder job Enviro pHAT pls


I received an Enviro pHAT and soldered the included female 40-pin header to it. After inspecting my solder job I plugged it onto a non-powered Pi Zero W and it wouldn’t boot up. I pulled it off and the Pi booted perfectly. So obviously something is wrong, either the pHAT was DOA or my solder job somehow is bad. I know what you’re all thinking. However I’ve done a lot of electronics soldering in my life, attended college for an electronics degree, have built a lot of electronics kits, etc. I inspected the pHAT for cold solder joints and everything looks good, so I started to test the pins to ensure there was no continuity between obvious things but I need a list of which pins ultimately are electrically isolated on that board. The only thing I can think is that one or more pins in the header are touching because the soldering iron heat may have melted the plastic between them, thus my request. Suggestions anyone?


I doubt the header pins would have shorted together - unless you used a blowtorch as a soldering iron! shows the pins that are in use on each HAT/pHAT. Generally I’d expect the grounds to all be connected and possibly the 5vs and the 3.3vs. Anything else that comes up as a short, check the pinout page for the enviro pHAT and see how it’s connected.

Also, if you can post a picture of the pHAT and your soldering people can see if there’s an immediate problem there.





I’m wondering if I can send it back to Pimoroni to test it to see if I got a DOA unit or not. I think I’m pretty good at soldering but of course there’s always the chance that something weird happened…after all we’re only talking about twenty bucks so this isn’t about breaking the bank. It’s about whether or not I got a defective item or if I did something to it myself.


Your soldering looks pretty damn good - so I doubt it’s that. I’d email and see if they can sort it for you.