Need some help to create some pixel art using the Unicorn Hat HD

Hi everyone !
I’m new here, and I really need someone to help me.
I bought a unicorn hat hd for my raspberry pi 3 and I wanted to create some pixel art using a tutorial that was setting a matrix led by led (this one → Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Pixel Tutorial - YouTube)
The problem is that Sense Hat functions aren’t the same as Unicorn and everytime I’m trying to set the matrix like on the video and using unicorn hat fonctions, an error is returned, can someone help me to create a little program where I can set a pixel on a matrix please?

Thanks in advance !

This might help, its the function reference for the Unicorn Hat HD.
Welcome — Unicorn HAT HD 0.0.2 documentation (
You would swap out the sense hat function for the Unicorn hat equivalent. In theory anyway, assuming they have similar functions etc.
I Have a couple Hat HD’s and Mini HD’s, haven’t tried what you want to do on them though. I also have a couple of sense hats here, nice bit of kit. Great support from the Pi foundation for it too.

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Thank you, I’ll check this !