Unicorn Hat HD will not work for me on Jessie rpi3

Hi Thanks for the help so far but try as I may I can not get the hat to light up. All the software and dependency are installed. Trying to run examples from the unicornhat dir eg…sudo python demo.py and not a blink from the hat. Do I have a faulty unit? All software upto date, HELP

Do you see any output from the examples at all, any errors? Any other code which might be running and clobbering the SPI bus?

It sounds plausible that you have a faulty unit. It’s a very new product, so our debugging knowledge is a little thin on the ground at the moment! Would you be okay to return it, so we can test/verify if there’s something wrong with the board?

Sorry for the trouble!

I just put two and two together and realised you also posted here; Unicorn hat hd cant get the paint program to work

I think a replacement is the best course of action. We’ll definitely want to test yours to see if there’s anything up with it. I’ll drop you a PM with return details.

Oh just before I do, you mention “The unicornhat dir”, are you running Unicorn HAT or Unicorn HAT HD examples? The former definitely wont work with Unicorn HAT HD and you should find the right examples in ~/Pimoroni/unicornhathd/examples

OK I will give the examples a try as asked

Ok just run the HD examples and BANG it works. Can I suggest that the instructions for the HD Hat are updated as there is no mention of having to run the HD examples in your online documentation ( I Think ) maybe just a foot note would help.
Look great by the way.
Dave Clancy