New and need help. Kickstarter Picade board problems

Managed to dig up this old firmware thanks to @rabid_inventor, with any luck it’ll get you back up and running in the mean time:

Thanks Phil - that gave me back the joystick and the buttons (I’ll check all of the latter in a min, but most give key-presses in terminal).

The LED no longer lighting is strange - and what’s really strange is that the picade_v2.3_no-headphone-detect.hex actually worked for the most part on the KS edition, the only real issue I spotted was the UP jstick position not working, but the LED was happily blinking on movement and button presses.

I think the pinout between the Kickstarter and 2015 editions is pretty close but not identical, I used to have a reference for it when I was tinkering with the Playstation 3 firmware. The biggest difference was the extra IO that’s on the Picade version but not the 2015 one.

yeah - at a glance the only real difference i saw was that GND was Term1 on the current instructions and Term5 on the KS edition.


Sorry for the kick, but I got exactly the same problem with the kickstarter version, headphone audio is ok, but no sound from speakers. Connected to a rpi 3 with RetroPi.

It is indeed a purple board, didn’t try any flashing yet, but was wondering if someone has already backported the firmware. This thread seems to end spontaneously.