New and unsure were to begin for a project

So, I’ve had zero experience with any of the raspberry or related products. Though I’ve had great interest in it since I saw it on different platforms.

Now though,I feel, I can make use of this stuff for a project I’ve been pondering for a long time. The basic idea is I want to put some back lighting in or around the eye holes of a few masks I own.

The concept I came up with would be four standalone circuits that can be stored in the masks themselves and all individually coloured. I think I know what I got to do. But my heads telling me to see what the community says, and see what varies or stays the same with the idea.

So I have zero items (like the raspberry pi and stuff) and varying self taught knowledge on circuits and such. So any solid advice would be greatly appreciated :) thanks

For my 2p worth your project sounds like it only needs the minimal processing power of an Arduino (mini, micro, pro) which would have the added advantage of size and instant on-off.
Something more powerful might be Adafruit’s digital playground boards.
Come to think of it you might even find the Micro:Bit useful for this application.
Add as many (adafruit) Neopixel (or similar programmable digital RGB) LEDs as you like and you can standardise the design but each design can be programmed to produce wildly different effects.

You can of course use a Pi (zero?) but depending on what else you’d like it to do you might find a Pi over engineered for the job.

Took a look and from what I understand of it all, that stuff should do the job as you said. Think what am gonna do is get the starter pack for the micro stuff and get a idea of how to use that, then carry onto my own thing after. But thanks, very helpful and give me a course to follow :)