Gemma/NeoPixel starter pack help pls


I got the Adafruit Gemma and pack of NeoPixels at the weekend (hoping to build a festive little light display)… After finally making my Arduino IDE compatible I have manage to find some very basic code.

Does anyone know where I can find a library of functions code samples for these little gems? (see what I did?)



Adafruit have a tutorial on using GEMMA with Neopixels here:

Obviously you’re not making earrings but the fundamentals should transfer across! :-)


Thanks for the pointer Jon, I think this will be a good starting place…


Sequins aren’t the same as Neopixels so just be sure you have the right kinds of LEDs :-)


Thanks for your input guys…

And Jon I found the Close Encounters Hat example - perfect place to start (and almost finish).

Finally got some results - Jingle Bells and flashing lights!

Now I need to learn to code a bit more efficiently. My code fits on Gemma with space but it would be great to see the notes playing from an array…


Hey Tim,

Yeah the GEMMA is very short on program space :-) Though with some effort you can do a surprising amount!

The new Pro Trinket from Adafruit may be more suitable depending on how much you want to do!