GEMMA. needing 2 sets of lghts

I’ve got a spare Gemma that I want to use and what I want to do is have a set a 3 ring of RGB light with the outter ring a little darker then the middle and the middle a little darker then the inner ring but the same colour
(Would be nice to be able to press a button to change colour. So have two colours)

Also a different set of RGB strip just one colour but I can change the brightness in the script to what I light

Could anyone point me in the correct Direction or help thank you


If they’re these NeoPixel rings then you should just be able to chain them together by connecting the out to the next ring’s in. That should leave a couple of pins remaining to wire up a button.

This might be a good start:

Hi thank you for the message. I’ve used these rings before just can’t code.
So would like a hand or some where where I can find a script that I can edit.

I’ll need 2 differnt scripts in 1.
1 for the rings, 1 for the strip RGB
And a button
Thank you