Flora Neopixel Ring weirdness

I got my Gemma v2 and Neopixel ring (16-LED) just after the new year. I was planning to make a simple bike light with a battery and immediately soldered the connections together.

I ran a simple sketch on the Arduino IDE to make the ring light up in a single colour, unfortunately it kept lighting up in 3 colours (red, blue and green, occasionally white). I ran a test sketch from the Adafruit website which was supposed to cycle some LEDs around in a single colour, my Neopixel ring kept displaying 3 different colours. Furthermore, 4 LEDs in a row remained completely dead. I do not have any circuit diagram details to even try troubleshooting the connections with a DMM…

My guess is that the Neopixel Ring is a dud? Could it have been damaged somehow in the soldering process, has anyone encountered such weirdness in the Flora Neopixel ring before?