New Enviro Weather PicoW and rain

I’ve got the very nice ‘Enviro Weather (Pico W Aboard) - Weather Station Kit’ and have it logging wind speed, direction, temp etc just fine. However the rain always says zero?

I do see the green activity light when I tip water through - its ‘triggering’ :-)

At present, the message ‘triggered by water tipping the bucket’ looks the same as the regular ‘im sending data because of the schedule’ look the same, so I can’t infer that a message means ~0.2mm (might be wrong on the amount).

Any suggestions most welcome!

Same observation for me with this card.

I have noticed in the code, the rain data are not currently managed:
In the file enviro/boards/, the function get_sensor_readings() always returns the value 0 for the rain sensor:

return {
“temperature”: round(bme280_data[0], 2),
“humidity”: round(bme280_data[2], 2),
“pressure”: round(bme280_data[1] / 100.0, 2),
“light”: round(ltr_data[BreakoutLTR559.LUX], 2),
“wind_speed”: wind_speed(),
“rain”: 0, # Always 0 return
“wind_direction”: wind_direction()

On the other hand I have not seen how the detection of the rain gauge is managed.
The GPIO pin connected to the rain gauge is declared:

rain_pin = Pin(10, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_DOWN)

but never used in the code, it seems

I have added this comment to the issue: rain sensor - no values · Issue #10 · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub