New Picade 2018 materials

Hey Guys,

Thinking of getting myself a 10 inch version so I like to ask:

  1. What material is used to construct this cabinet? Does it include and wood or metal panels?

  2. How easy is it to access the back panel and is there a hole for the 3.5mm headphone jack?

  3. Are there 2 speakers or one?


Assembly instructions are here, if that helps.

I don’t own one myself. Not yet anyway.

I’ve just bought/assembled the 8" version.

  1. Wood and Perspex panels, plastic/metal screws and brackets.
  2. Really easy to access the back panel, slot and catch to unhook. No hole for headphone jack, something I’m just planning to add.
  3. One speaker.

Hope that helps!

Yep. Just to confirm/clarify…

  1. The panels are made from black 4mm powder-coated, laser-cut MDF. The screen cover, marquee, and control panel are 3mm clear Perspex. Most of the bolts and nuts are metal.

  2. The back panel just slots in and out, but is held securely by a tab and rubber o-ring. There’s a small channel that you could easily run a stereo cable through to the Pi’s 3.5mm stereo jack inside.

  3. There’s a single 3" speaker that’s 5W/4Ω.