New picade help


I bought a new picade that comes on the way home, but I have a question:
I have a Raspberry pi 3 model B and I want to know if it is compatible with the new picade cabinet?
I await answers from the experts.
Thank you very much and I greet the entire community!


Hi there and welcome to the community here. Your Raspberry Pi will work fine in the Picade. You should have good fun setting it up and people here will help with any issues or problems you might have along the way.

There’s a video guide on the site here that goes through all the steps of assembling your Picade, I watched it in total before starting to put mine together, it gave me a good idea of what to expect, and which bits might be the trickiest…


Thank you very much for your answer friend!


No problem, if you have any questions or problems just ask, people will reply back to help as fast as possible :)