New Picade poorly done

I had the original picade and found the instructions and set up very good. Purchased the newer version on Amazon last December. I found it a bit of a mess to be honest. I successfully put it together and got games working but it was not as smooth an experience as the first PiCade.

Also I went to put a Pi4 in place of my Pi 3 and it suddenly dawned on me that there was no allowance for cooling the Pi4. I found an old post about Pimoroni doing a new Hat with cooling combinded and emailed the poster (jon@pimoroni) but didn’t get a reply.

All in all if there’s further versions of the PiCade I won’t be as quick to purchase.

If its any consolation, the Pi 4 won’t overheat. It will get very hot but it will not suffer any damage. You will take a performance hit when it throttles back to keep the temperature in check and in a safe value though.
I saw that Utility Hat on Twitter but that’s all I’ve seen on it. It kind of went into never never land after that. A shame really as I would buy at least one of them. Maybe even two or three if I liked what I saw.